Chris Lashbrook

Taught to value black and white film, Chris has always had a passion for contrast and the intense tones of gray available through the analogue medium. He has embraced the power of this combination in the digital world and has also developed a love for the subtleness and richness of contrast in colour.


Through his art, Chris’ intent is to call forth El Duende – the Spirit of Evocation - and illicit a strong emotional response – laughter, tears, reflection, deep thought and curiosity, passion, tension and release, yin & yang. Duende is at the core of what drives him to create.


Born and raised in Vancouver, Chris brings his love of the outdoors to his art, be it in the broad textures of the back woods or the rigidity at the heart of the structural city. His goal is to walk where people walk and see the things they miss.


Chris can be reached at